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It’s been amusing that I’ve talked to a number of people who have indicated that they’ve read things on my blog. My stat counter isn’t incredibly useful with respect to visitor numbers, since all the bots and site scrapers are included, yet precisely four different people have commented on things here since I’ve started the blog. Moreover, what was intended to be a blog with a bit more diversity of topics has turned into an admittedly soapbox-like pulpit where I spend more time complaining about technical things than not. My ‘Food and Cooking’ category still doesn’t have an entry in it, though I have a planned entry for it.

Having said all that, I’m open to topic requests and suggestions, questions to answer, and matters to research. I can’t promise I’ll honor every request (points to ToS), but I figure that most of my loyal readers would be interested in a change of pace from the technical rants and rallying cries for adherence to the Bill of Rights, so I’d at least be interested in knowing what sort of content you’d like to read.

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