I write this blog entry from the checkout line at a local supermarket. My grocery list consists of: a bag of granola cereal, a box of Star Wars cereal, and three of those $0.50 Jell-O cups. My cashier will likely judge me as she rings me up, and deservedly so.

Perhaps I only sense this vibe because I was a bit judgmental when I was a cashier, and this is simply karmic projection.

One thought on “Judgment

  1. Lizzy

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    Yes – the cashier will simply think that you’re buying the granola cereal for yourself, and the Star Wars cereal and Jell-O cups for the kids that you’ll be babysitting or something. I doubt it would go much further than that.

    And not everyone behind a register judges others. Sometimes they’re just blindly passing things through the scanners, not noticing what they are, while their minds are elsewhere. Or perhaps they’re trying to make sure they gave you the right amount of change back, as well as your receipt, and remembered to say “have a good day” as was stated in the employee manual.

    But even if (on the off chance) that they are judging you in a negative way – what do you care? You have the right to purchase anything you want and it’s really none of their business anyway. All they have to do is receive payment for all the items in the your cart so that the annoying voice doesn’t come on over the speakers when you exit, politely accusing you of shoplifting. ;-)

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