2 thoughts on ““Guy Apologies”

  1. Lizzy

    Hmmmmm……that’s interesting…. so on the one hand we’re told that guys always say exactly what they mean with their words and we should never think anything further. But this video suggests the opposite – that you actually do have to read between the lines when men speak because they are saying a whole more than what they are actually saying. Yet if women try to do just that, they’re accused of not getting it, and reading too much into it. **sigh** – we just can’t win… (P.S. – no response necessary to this one.)

    1. joey


      The video was intended to be humorous, in no small part, for the reason you specify – it sheds light on the fact that the word “always” is usually a misnomer, and that guys do not *always* speak about a topic directly. I think the best parallel is this: you speak to your family in Spanish, because they understand Spanish and speak it fluently. However, when you are speaking to your friends, you will speak English to them. There is a time and a place where Spanish is effective, and another time and place where English is effective. This video illustrates a conversation between two people who (metaphorically) speak Spanish.

      Conversely, one can argue that the video showed two people “saying something other than what they mean” and it still working, but it’s just as possible that there would be a miscommunication – while both knew that there was an implied conversation, there was no direct discussion, such that either could reference the dialog in this video as having the event having been formally discussed and a conclusion drawn and agreed upon.

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