Day 7: Boringsauce and Cracker Barrel

My phone call yesterday was to my boss to determine whether it would be beneficial for me to plan to get work done on Monday. It would be another day before Disney would start, and while I could certainly spend some time getting some more assorted projects done (what, you think I ran out of them?), I also knew it would be helpful to my coworkers to have someone able to answer the phones and e-mails and things as they did a few on-site visits that I’d ordinarily do personally, but, y’know…thousand mile distance and all that. I had my last morning breakfast, and they sold some ramen noodle bowls in a small area of the hotel, so that was lunch.

Dinner, on the other hand, was an enjoyable reunion with my friends Bob and Eileen. I’ve known them for nearly 30 years; Eileen was the cheerleading coach at my old high school; I DJ’d for the annual elementary school cheer camp for nearly 20 years before Covid put the kibosh on that; it’s unclear whether it’ll return. Bob is a general contractor who does a fantastic job; you can tell he loves his family because of how he takes care of them. Their daughter Shae and her two children joined us at Cracker Barrel.

I have this theory that the food at Cracker Barrel is only there to drive traffic to their gift shop, where all the children bug their parents for this random toy they’ll play with twice. As Yogurt once said, “Moichindizing…where the REAL money from the movie is made!”. Fine, there’s no movie…but the meat loaf dinner was on point and once ground beef comes down to a sane price again, I’ll give it a go myself. The six of us caught up on the last several years; all of them asked me to move down there. I’ll make sure my family knows that there’s competition for my destination.

When I got home, Bob, Eileen, and I talked over a Hallmark Christmas movie…but, less so, to the point where I was able to follow the general plot points in this one. A generally-pretty, mid-30’s, NYC Martha Stewart type with no time for a family gets in a car accident and loses her memory. She is rescued by a predictably-handsome widower with three perfectly-behaved children who miss their mom. Romance ensues until the publicist and boyfriend show up to take her home, and once she gets there, she realizes what she’s been missing and goes back to tall-dark-and-handsome’s arms to raise the children and starts to film her cooking show from the middle of Colorado instead, having kissed, married, and everyone having the “best Christmas ever”. See, I paid attention!

Blog. Sleep.

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