Travel, Day 3.5

It’s been a blur, and clearly I’ve been so busy that daily blogging hasn’t been something I’ve had time for. I should have a stint tomorrow to fully catch up, but I’ll at least get some bullet points out the door…

  • I have arrived in Florida safely.
  • Flying first class is lovely, well worth the Skymiles.
  • Work is going well; the people are lovely.
  • Crappy hotels are crappy.
  • Great hotels are, on the other hand, great!
  • Huge iguanas are, apparently, akin to seeing a pigeon in NYC – amusing to tourists, invisible to locals.
  • The work may be going well, but I still feel a whole lot of analysis paralysis regarding making plans about a number of things.
  • I’m safe, the food is good, the rental car is nice…a bad day on this sort of trip is still a good day.


Okay, those are the bullet points. The novels are coming as I have time to write them.

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