That time when “Making a Slide Show” involved the phrase “Open Powershell…”

If you don’t know what PowerShell is, you probably don’t need it, and never will.  But, I’m me.

I take you back to 2006. George W. Bush was halfway done doubling down in the White House, My Nissan Xterra was rolling off an assembly line, I was still in college, Netflix still mailed DVDs, Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” was earning him bank, along with Shakira’s apparently-honest hips. The iPhone was a mere rumor, Myspace was still the de facto social network, and everyone’s computer was running Windows XP…unless you were too cool for school and were either running a beta copy of Windows Vista or still riding on Windows 2000. It was in this year that Microsoft said, “Y’know what we need? A new way to administer a server on a command line!” “Great idea, Frank! Bonuses all around!” And thus, PowerShell was born.

The particular command run in PowerShell was:

for f in *; do ext=$(echo "$f" | sed 's|\([^.]*\)||'); mv "$f" "$(uuidgen)$ext"; done

What does that do? It allows me to randomly name all of the photos in a folder. This way, images are sufficiently shuffled in a slide show that I’m presently amidst producing.

…Because that is the exact use case that Microsoft had in mind when they made it…right?

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