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So, if you’ve never been to Reddit, they’ve got a section called “Ask Me Anything”, where someone qualifies themselves and then encourages responses (e.g. “I’m a nurse in an ER, AMA”). Plenty of people have participated – celebrities, politicians, armed forces veterans (some WWII guys have made it). The all-time most commented was the one from President Obama. There’s endless reading to be found there.

Well, the developers of Microsoft Excel did one back in November. Lots of great stuff in that thread, but my favorite was this one:

I sometimes accidentally open up Excel when attempting to open Eve Online, and I usually can’t even tell the difference for several hours. Thanks for the great clone/simulator for Eve Online!

My questions are:

Did you have any contact with CCP Games or the Eve Online team to help them develop their famed Massively Multiplayer Spreadsheet Simulator?

Is the move to subscription-based pricing in Office365 because of complaints by CCP that they didn’t want your software acting as a free clone/interface for Eve online?

Are there any plans to bring back one-time purchase? I always appreciated being able to play Eve/Excel whenever my subscription to CCP Games expired.

Are there any plans to port Excel/Eve to Xbox?

How did you manage to get around the extreme video card requirements that are required in Eve but not Excel? It is fantastic to be able to play it on netbooks and other lesser computers.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, then you’ve either got no sense of humor, or you’ve got some Googling to do…because that right there is FUNNY.

3 thoughts on “Great AMA question

  1. Lizzy

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    So, we know that “Eve Online” is a Sci-Fi internet video game, and has nothing at all to do with Excel nor could ever be confused with Excel,…. but other than that, I don’t see the humor in it. Guess I’m missing something.

    As for Excel – the few times that I’ve ever had a question, I’ve often just Googled the question and usually someone, somewhere has asked it and someone else has posted the answer. But normally that doesn’t happen, since I’m pretty used to and comfortable using Excel. Now, that doesn’t mean that I know everything, or will never need to look something up, but it’s nice to have various resources to do with.

    As usual, thanks for posting these nuggets of information. We never know when we can use them. :-)

  2. Lizzy

    Thank you for the link. I did check it out……but I think in the end, the joke means a lot more to those that actually play Eve Online…. or at the very least, know enough about online gaming to ‘totally’ get it.

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