pfSense Adblocking tutorial

This is more a bookmark for me than anyone else. I’m torn on the topic of ad blocking. I do want to support websites that provide useful content, but at the same time, I’ve seen far too many misleading and malware-laden ads on reputable websites to not have my guard up. So, as I’ve got a pfSense box up at box up at my house, as well as my mom’s, and two parents who are far more likely to erroneously hover over a malicious ad than buy a product based on an ad (though I must say, I’ve never actually had to do a major malware cleaning on either of their computers so far), my greater concern is for them, so ad blocking is something I am okay with.


Thus, I shall implement this at my next opportunity:

I look forward to the task. Now if only I could find a tutorial for having a pfSense box create multiple isolated LANs….

2 thoughts on “pfSense Adblocking tutorial

  1. Rasmus

    Sounds interesting .
    I’m planning to do something similar on my PFSense installation, would be great if you could make a post once you found the good implementation.

    Do you want PFsense to handle Vlans or Physical isolated Lans ?

    1. joey

      Since this is just for my home network, I’m not really looking at anything more than a flat network at the moment. If anything, I might want a separate isolated LAN for my mom’s Ooma box, but her issues with that seemed to have become a solved problem once I implemented PFSense to handle routing, rather than using her Western Digital router for that task.

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