It’s been a year

Holy crap, it’s taken me a whole year to post anything.

I’ve got a pile of drafts on the back end, that I’ve started and are still in progress…I’ll get to them soon enough.

Over the past year, I’ve built a new NAS, bought a server to hold all the data on my phone, learned Proxmox…and, I went to Mexico and got married. I’ve said goodbye to some friends, said hello to some others, and got some DJ toys and a laptop. I’ve learned to cook new foods, made plenty of internet comments, and still pay for this blog to live online, ad-free, saying “I’ll have something to write about, eventually”. Half of me was interested in writing daily blogs during my honeymoon, but the other half didn’t want to be taking notes every day and typing incessantly. Moreover, to write about my honeymoon is to write about my wedding, and the untraveled road to get there, and I’m not really ready to deem that fit for public consumption just yet. Married life is great so far, but I’m a hobby blogger, not an internet exhibitionist.

There’s more musings to be had, but it’s late and the entire point of this post was to get something out the door in one sitting, lest I go yet another year go by without writing about something.

So, to my readers (99% Russian bots, granted), I’m still alive. Hopefully, I’ll have musings to share with a much shorter gap.


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