The Rules / ToS

  1. Unless otherwise expressed (or implied, e.g. a post largely comprised of a link or quote from someone else), my content is my own. Feel free to link, feel free to quote, but do not feel free to plagiarize.
  2. What’s written here is a matter of personal opinion. It does not reflect on anyone else, including my employer, business associates, or any organization with whom I’m affiliated.
  3. In case anyone besides me cares, I have no intention at this time to run ads on this blog. If you see an ad on my page, run a virus scan, because it’s not coming from me. The extent of my tracking are the things required to actually serve the site: which browser you’re using, what OS you’re using, and your IP address (which in turn tells me what country you’re from), and even this data is based solely on you coming to the landing page. If you comment, I get your name, e-mail address, and the content of your comment. I do no other form of tracking or analytics of any kind; i detest them all. Beyond the publicly visible data (i.e. your name and comment), nothing is shared with anyone else, ever.
  4. If you plan to comment, understand that:
    1. I will moderate you. I reserve the right to withhold posting your comment for any reason.
    2. I reserve the right to remove previously approved comments at any time.
    3. I’m okay with disagreements, but I am NOT okay with incivility. Usenet and 4chan are still perfectly good places for that kind of behavior.